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Need a strong bash bar with a unique style and aggressive appearance? Look no further than our collection.

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Why settle for a cheaply made bash bar that won’t offer any protection, or isn’t customizable? Want a jackpoint or something specific added? Let us know! Our steel tubing is cut, bent and welded in house to ensure the highest level of quality and fitment. They form a protective frame around the front or rear of your car. An aftermarket bash bar will not only give your car a unique profile and aggressive appearance, but it will also help to protect the body.

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Bash Bars

Our bash bars are made from high-strength materials that are designed to absorb impact and distribute the force of a collision evenly. This can help to minimize damage to your car and keep you safe in the event of a track accident.

In addition, aftermarket crash bars typically come with a variety of attachment points that allow you to customize their appearance and function. Whether you’re looking for a functional upgrade or a cosmetic change, adding our bash bars is a great way to enhance the look and safety of your drift car. However, we are not limited to just drift cars! Have another project in mind? Let us know.

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Front Bash Bars

The purpose of a front bash bar is to protect the car’s engine in the event of a crash or frontal collision, whether it is with another car, a barrier etc. By absorbing the impact of the collision, the bar helps to prevent the engine from being pushed back. In addition, a bash bar can also help to protect the car’s radiator and other essential components from being damaged in a collision. As a result, it can be an important safety feature for any car.

Rear Bash Bars

When installed correctly, rear bash bars can help protect the back end of a car from minor bumps and scrapes. They can also help to deflect debris away from the back of the car.​
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