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Customizable baffled catch cans built to fit with options for a sight glass for easy visuals.

High Quality Custom Catch Cans

Our catch cans are customizable and baffled to fit with options for a sight glass for easy visuals. We can also make chassis specific catch cans to ensure fitment. Engines are never 100% air tight and some of the pressure will leak past the piston rings, creating blowby. It is really important to safely remove this build up of pressure to prevent other issues. For this reason, catch cans have become popular in the industry.

A catch can is a small container that allows oil, fuel and gasses to escape from the engine without spilling on the track or getting on your tires. By relieving the pressure build-up, a catch can helps to improve engine performance and longevity. In addition, it can also help to prevent expensive damage to your engine. As a result, catch cans have become an essential component in many racing engines.

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Why Does Selection Matter?

One of the most important things to look for is a good fit. The catch can should be properly sealing to your vehicle so that no oil or fluids can escape. It is also important to choose a catch can that is durable and will not break or leak under pressure. Another important thing to consider is the capacity of the catch can. Make sure to choose a size that will suit your needs and that will not need to be constantly emptied. It can be really inconvenient to have to regularly empty a catch can, and we recommend a larger one if space allows.


We offer fabrication and installation services for all of our products. Let us know if you would like us to install your catch can for you and we can schedule an appointment. Call or message us today to discuss your customizations and needs.

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