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We specialize in high quality custom cages for motorsports. Safety and longevity are our number one priorities.


We offer completely customizable cages. Whether you are looking for a 6 point, 8 point, half, full, door bars etc., we can create it. We also offer SCCA, lemons, and time attack roll cages. The cost of the cage will vary depending on size and weight. We do offer painting services for cages but it is typically another $1,000 due to the extra labor and services.

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Note: Customers are expected to remove interior prior to drop off for a roll cage, unless it has been discussed.

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We are no strangers to the drift and car community. We have 10+ years of experience with drift cars, and have received excellent feedback. Our team at Accurate is very involved in the drift community, and have a strong passion for the sport. 

We have had a customer flip their convertible and our cage kept the driver and passenger safe. We are proud of this as quality and safety are our number one priorities. We are involved in the sport and go to many of the events and are always willing to give support and help customers when they need it. We look forward to working with you!

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Accurate Fab is a one-stop shop for race car fabrication and preparation. With years of experience in various disciplines of drifting and racing, we are able to build a track ready vehicle from start to finish. We can guide you through each step of the process, from a bare chassis to a complete competition vehicle, ensuring your satisfaction and safety along the way.

How To Choose A Fabrication Company

When choosing a roll cage fabrication company, it’s important to consider a few key factors. First, you’ll want to make sure that the company has experience fabricating cages that meet your specific requirements. This may include cages for race cars, off-road vehicles, or other applications. Second, you’ll want to inquire about the company’s lead time and turnaround time for projects.

In some cases, you may need your cage quickly, and you’ll want to make sure that the company can accommodate your timeline. Finally, you’ll want to get quotes from several different companies so that you can compare prices and services. By considering these factors, you can be confident that you’re choosing the right roll cage fabrication company for your needs.

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